The Type A’s Guide to Waiting.

Do you dislike waiting? I certainly do. I always have. I hate waiting in traffic. I hate waiting for results. I hate waiting for wifi to load my pages. When I was 10 years old, it was sheer agony waiting for my boobs to come in.

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I believed if I was explaining myself, using words with clearly defined meanings, how on earth could he not understand me? Were his ears broken? Perhaps if I raised my voice a bit louder then he would get it… Needless to say, I was continually frustrated.

Excuse me?

Insecurity… I know it well. When I first started dating after my divorce guys kept telling me the same thing: “you are very insecure.” Um, excuse me? I was the best looking I had ever been, I was at the top of my career, I was fully independent and sufficient, funny and intelligent…I never spoke about my past or fears.. …