Do you sometimes feel discouraged, frustrated or sad after comparing your “success” to others?  I think we all have those moments… I certainly do. But have you considered why? About a year ago I realized the simplest concept that forever changed my perception of comparison.

Comparison assumes equality. You only compare two like objects. You wouldn’t compare an apple to an orange because they aren’t the same. So why do we compare ourselves to others as if we are all universal?

Comparison no longer makes sense from the viewpoint of individuality. Each one of us was created with a specific capacity unique to us. Picture a measuring cup. Each is designed to hold a specific amount of volume. Is your teaspoon a failure because it can’t hold a cup of flour? Of course not. Yet sometimes we think of ourselves as failures because we haven’t achieved what they have.  Or worse – we feel arrogant because we have achieved so much more than them…

All of us are responsible to achieve OUR OWN maximum. Not someone else’s. Begin measuring your life using a ratio: how much potential have I DEVELOPED vs how much potential remains UNDEVELOPED. Because remember, although a measuring cup cannot hold more than its capacity it can hold less. So challenge yourself to identify your capacity and strive to achieve the max! That is your standard. That is your goal.

If you feel frustrated or stuck – listen to that. It is your soul gently nudging you to go after more. Whispering that there is more room left in your cup!  One of the most beneficial ways to begin that journey towards self actualization is by hiring a Life Coach. Someone you trust and someone who will keep you accountable. Someone who believes in you and sees your potential when you cant. It is an investment with an immeasurable return.

Next time you are tempted to give into comparison speak this over your mind: Every day in every way I am getting better and better and I am proud of the progress I am making.



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  1. This is so true…I too have made the mistake of comparing someone else’s success to mine or lack there of. Now I’m a focusing on myself and creating the life I want. I just got my book today and I’m beyond excited about this new and exciting journey in my life.

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