LifeClass is a fully interactive, 60-minute group coaching session complete with teaching, discussion and plenty of time for Q&A.

Each LifeClass is held LIVE via private video conference. Designed to offer an intimate and safe place for shared growth, space is limited to 5 guests per Session.

Every Monday-Thursday you’ve got a LifeClass option! Can’t make that one Monday at 7pm? No worries. Check the next week’s class time and it just might work for you!

Simply choose the session topic you’d like, buy your LifeClass Pass, and await call-in details to your email!

If you are ready to raise the bar for yourself – this is for you. Say YES to accountability and community. It doesn’t make you broken… it makes you brave. 


Where Did All Your Energy Go?
Overcoming Harmful Habits
Why Saying No Is Important

Coming soon…

Simply Naked: Strip Off The Masks
What’s Your Next Step
Here’s What’s Really Holding You Back