It’s Time To Break The Mold.
Are you ready?

What is Limitless?

A 90 day personal transformational experience designed to make YOU your own best friend. In just 90 days, you will establish your true identity, discover the life you were designed for, and create a lifestyle of success. It’s time to get down and dirty with your own soul and COME ALIVE!

Limitless Begins MARCH 1st, 2017. Registration is open now!  

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“Before limitless, I put up a front that I was this strong, unbreakable, independent woman. But the truth was, I was dying inside. This program taught me how to love myself again and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward without reservation. Fear no longer has a place here. I know my purpose and I have all the support and tools to succeed.” Vanessa Garcia


What Do I Get?

12 Work Sheets (To help you gain clarity, ask the right questions, capture your thoughts and move FORWARD!)

11 Videos (View me weekly as I give you an in depth look at that weeks topic.)

3 Members Only Webinars (Live Q&A with Kristin Sheffer and other Limitless peeps!)

Selfless Development  (For purchase, one digital copy of Kristin Sheffer’s book that goes along with your experience.)

Limitless VIP group (Access to the closed Facebook group.)

Bonus –  Thanks to our awesome sponsors you qualify for a gift upon completion of each module! (Spa services, Fitness clothing, Baby Boutiques, Fine Dining, and other awesomeness.)

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Part 1: Who Am I

Week 1: Acceptance & Acknowledgment

Week 2: Me, My Life and I

Week 3: Permissions & Process

Week 4: Faith & Fight

Part 2: By Design

Week 5: Find Your Purpose

Week 6: Reveal Your Gifts & Passions

Week 7: Overcome Your Obstacles

Week 8: Earn Your Own Trust

Part 3: Everyday Excellence

Week 9: Micro-altruism: YOU

Week 10: Micro-altruism: THEM

Week 11: Micro-altruism: WORK

Week 12: Next Level Living

“Week 2: So many labels. So many beliefs of what people have made me believe I am. Insecurities that have held me back from doing things I’ve wanted to do by believing those labels. Leaving ALL of them behind and moving FORWARD with who I know I am.” Romy Moreno
I’m Ready!

How Will Limitless Impact Me?

Now: You are less than thrilled with the feedback your life is currently giving you. You want to go to the next level in every way but struggle to stick with goals. You know there’s more for you; more you can do, more you can accomplish, but you don’t know what. You’re willing to go the extra mile to find fulfillment, but you’re in search of the right steps to take. Somehow, something keeps holding you back – that ends now. You are ready to break out of the fog and see things more clearly. You’re prepared to make the investment to reach your highest potential.


30 days from now: You’ve embraced a fresh outlook on life and accept who you are. You walk around with a new found confidence, guided by an unshakeable force directing your every move. You’re prepared for an exciting future; finally, you see possibility everywhere.


60 days from now: You know what’s next for you and have formed the action steps needed to make immediate progress. The road ahead is clear and paved with endless opportunities. You’ve faced your fears, realizing there is nothing standing in the way of your greatness. The sky is the limit.


90 days from now: You’ve unlocked your greatest potential and you’re equipped with everything you need to live it out. Armed with a fresh vision, a clear direction and an unbreakable spirit, it’s time to make a profound difference on the world. You’re empowered. You’re unstoppable. You’re limitless.

Is Limitless Right for You?

This is for the brave ones. The fighters.

Those who are ready to take back what has been lost. 

Do you want to be friends with the person in the mirror?

Are you ready to meet your bravest, strongest, version of yourself?

Want to wake up with excitement and anticipation instead of depression or boredom?


Want to discover the life you were designed for?

Want to become an expert in your strengths?

Do you want to be unstoppable?



Limitless runs only a few times a year. The next session begins January 3rd, 2017. Early Bird Registration will begin Dec 1st. It is designed to deliver you to personal transformation in just 90 days. Once the program is live you can enjoy the experience at your own pace, on your own time. You cannot access all the content at once. Upon completion of each week’s content, you will gain access to the next. For the duration of your experience, you will have access to your current and past week’s content via your member login at