Loving the Now

Do you ever wake up and realize it’s already Thursday? What happened to Monday – Wednesday? What did I even do this weekend?! This usually happens when your mind is so busy elsewhere, then suddenly gets tagged back into reality. This prevents you from being present in the pivotal moments of your life. How then, can you fully enjoy them? I don’t know about you, but I’m not satisfied with always looking back at my life. I want to live in every moment as it’s happening. Read on for 3 tactics that can help keep you present.

No Phone Zone;

I was literally addicted to my phone. My brother once made a joke that I probably took it in the shower with me. About a year ago I decided that whenever I was home visiting my family, I would leave my phone in another room. I did this because I realized I spent money and time flying home to see them, so why on earth would I spend such precious moments on my phone talking to people, or doing things that I can do at another time? By posting pictures of the moments, I was keeping myself from enjoying them. I now enjoy these precious moments and post later.

Check In With Yourself;

Take an emotional inventory. Next time you’re bathing your child, leading a business meeting, or simply taking a run, ask yourself; What do I feel right now?,
How many times will I get to bathe my precious babies? How grateful am I that my body works?. When I get promoted, I want to remember how it felt to get there.

Learn Something New.

Find a take-away to use as a mental marker for that moment or experience.  Perhaps you’re meeting someone new: find something unique about them that you enjoy. Or, as you watch your child perform in a school play, search for one way he or she has grown up since last year. Creating memories is an amazing gift that you give yourself and those around you.

Don’t ever take your minutes for granted.


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