Meet Kristin Sheffer

Kristin Sheffer is a former executive at Bromide Mining LLC, a gold mining subsidiary of Rochoet New York, Inc, a commodities trading firm based out of New York City. From the age of 19 to 26, Kristin invested her blood, sweat, and tears into advancing up the corporate ladder, against many odds, ultimately arriving at Partnership in 2013.

She began as an assistant to the CEO, Erez Goldgraber, after deciding to discontinue her college education. Determined to chase her dream of becoming a successful business woman, she took a risk on herself and accomplished significant success in a unique field, at a very young age.

At the peak of that career, she was Director of Compliance over a staff of 20 men and two women, with managerial responsibilities over three locations: a corporate office in Miami, FL, an administrative office in Hanksville, UT and an active mine site located remotely in the Henry mountains. The diversity of her corporate experience affords her both administrative and executive expertise in areas ranging from human resources to team management; basic accounting to P&L functions; as well as practical field competencies in operations, logistics, training, and compliance. Perhaps most notable of all is her proven ability to go from an ‘average employee’ too invaluable asset in a mainstream business.

Upon amicable resignation, Kristin determined to pursue her next business endeavor, but this time, it was one with much more personal meaning.

After facing several of life’s more personal challenges, Kristin adopted a brand new outlook on what truly matters in life. Gods redemptive grace turned a mess into a testimony of human resilience. Enduring various forms of personal loss turned an already strong young woman into an unstoppable, relentless, purpose driven, powerhouse.

Kristin founded Simply Free out of the desire to educate and equip others on the impact of altruism on personal growth. Simply Free offers educational, practical, individual, and group resources to assist people in their journey towards self-discovery. All of her programs are fundamentally based on her signature method called Selfless Development, which teaches the most efficient and effective way to find lasting happiness is through discovering your purpose and combining it with a lifestyle of altruism.

In January 2016, Kristin articulated this method into her first published book titled Selfless Development: How to Find Your Purpose, which is now distributed worldwide via Amazon. After analyzing the successful results with her high-income, in-person coaching clients, she decided to package her expertise into an affordable and convenient offering available to the masses. Coming soon, will offer monthly subscription-based online coaching resources available to everyone.

At the core, Kristin does not differentiate between humanitarianism and personal development. To her they are one and the same because they require each other. Both international and local volunteer initiatives are available through Simply Free. Kristin inspires her fellow millennials to strive beyond financial success, or professional accomplishment by exemplifying how to combine business, passion, and everyday life into a grounded lifestyle of altruism.

“Happiness is
not a goal, it’s a result.”

“Fear requires immediate perfection but truth reminds me I cannot succeed if I don’t first try.”

“Confidence acknowledges success. Pride takes the credit for it.”

Giving Back

Kristin’s Coaching philosophy is rooted in utilizing the benefits of altruism to expedite personal growth. Her clients   can be found volunteering at any number of local community organizations helping to serve the homeless or serving as mentors for at risk people.