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I love that most of my clients are fast paced, driven, ambitious women who have A LOT going on. When you have a lot of responsibilities, how do you get them all done? How do you prioritize each task in the correct order? What can you do to help YOURSELF not waste time you don’t have to begin with? Here are some tips that will help you tremendously.

  1. Be realistic with your To Do list.

To do lists are extremely useful tools if used correctly. They insure you stay focused on your daily priorities. If you have 10 action items written down, you will naturally gravitate towards the ones you can accomplish immediately. Why? Instant gratification. The bigger longer tasks require sustained effort and that’s not as satisfying so we tend to put them off. This becomes important when your larger longer items are higher priority than your smaller easier ones. It decreases your efficiency to dedicate time to the wrong things.

Solution? Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize. This is KEY.  Write down all your tasks and their associated deadline. Create both weekly and daily To Do lists.  Limit your daily list to only what’s imperative to get done THAT DAY. Check in mid week to insure your on target for your weekly goals.

  1. Finish what you start.

Distraction is POISON to productivity. If you start a task do not break concentration until it is complete. Don’t check your phone, don’t take calls, don’t check social media – finish what you start. If you run into an issue that prevents you from completing that task: write down the status & what you are waiting on next to the action item on your list and move on. Multi tasking should be reserved for times when you have no other choice but to do it. It is NOT effective and leads to mistakes.

  1. Acknowledge accomplishment.

Our minds respond brilliantly to positive reinforcement.  Similarly, they respond in kind to negativity. Tell me you don’t feel motivated as hell after a productive day? And tell me you don’t dread getting up the morning after a day you slacked off and fell behind? Realize the principle at work here and use it to your advantage. A sure fire way to discourage yourself is to be unrealistic in your scheduling. Prioritize your tasks correctly (based on deadlines or urgency), set an achievable amount of things to do based upon your daily time schedule and STOP once you’ve accomplished them. Perhaps this applies best to my overachievers out there. If there’s an extra hour at the end of the day – GOOD! Rest. Relax. Tell yourself how proud you are that you managed your day right. Sleep. Do it again.


Time management is possibly the most vital personal tool a young entrepreneur needs to master in order to achieve success. Try out this method and let me know how it helps you!


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