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Selfless Development: How to Find Your Purpose is the Millennial’s guide to creating a joyful, purposeful, and successful life. It is a perfectly blended mix of conceptual thought and practical wisdom. Kristin explains the ideology behind her specific method of personal development, which she has aptly named selfless development. In a day and age where “happiness” is atop most peoples priority lists, she takes an innovative approach by introducing concepts like gratitude, altruistic living, and compassion as keys to the process.

“Selfless development is what occurs when you choose to develop yourself from the mindset that your success it not for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others.”

– Kristin Sheffer

This easy to read, ‘how to’ style book offers both food for thought and action steps you can use to begin living out your unique purpose and experiencing the joy that awaits. This dynamic approach to personal development will reshape the industry norm, leading people to true fulfillment by altruistic living.


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