Why Gifts Matter

Today was a day where life gently reminded me to practice what I preach.

Like every other human being, I often forget to believe in myself. I doubt things, I get scared, I feel less than, I worry, I cry, all of it. All of the time. They rarely stop me from charging ahead into the battlefield of dreams, but they’re present nonetheless.

Within nine days of releasing Selfless Development, it has grabbed the attention of Glamour magazine, Examiner.com, BYL Network television broadcasting and a few other notable media outlets. I am told that is remarkable.

Yet tonight I began to wander down the cruel and hidden alleyways in my mind that lead to places where I can no longer distinguish truth from lies. I allowed worry and insecurity to speak louder than courage and purpose. I lost sight of what is presently occuring in comparison to what still needs to get done. Before the spiral could get too out of control, the truth fought its way through the crowd of other voices and simply whispered: your gifts will always make a way for your success.

That is not fanciful idealism. It is not emotional. It is not intangible. It is the truth. Your gifts are the things you are naturally inclined to be good at. When you take the time to develop those inclinations beyond basic interest into a full blown skill or trait or habit – you become a force to be reckoned with. It is guaranteed. God gave you special gifts because He wanted you to use them. When you do, you enlist His blessing automatically. The success begins to pour out because it was already meant to be before you were even born. I wish people would stop believing that success is something to be earned but rather something to be claimed. But only when you are properly aligned with your purpose.

Can you be successful otherwise? Yes, but it’s only a shadow of what true fulfillment feels like. To find and walk out your purpose is the only route to lasting joy in this life. It is a reflection of Gods will in your life, it is a reflection of how communities were supposed to exist, it is a reflection of compassion in action.

I do what I do now to enable my future vision: to have the financial and physical liberty to make meaningful and sustainable impact on children like the precious bubbies pictured above; to bring resources and care and love and food to impoverished towns worldwide for the rest of my life.

What does your purpose look like?

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