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Welcome to Simply Sheffer

Hey there! I'm Kristin. 


I'm so glad you've landed here. You're right where you belong. I'm a faith-based Life Coach and would love to support your personal & spiritual growth however I can. Poke around and see what might fit for you. 



Life Coach

I opened my private Coaching practice to offer Faith-based, practical support to everyday people who are struggling with everyday life.


After several years of Coaching & watching people's lives transform because of the Truth, I published my first book titled 

Selfless Development: How to Find Your Purpose


Check out my podcast Practical Philosophy to think deeper about things that truly matter. You'll gain insights into how to harness the power of belief to transform your life. 


Meet Kristin

Life Coach + Social Entrepreneur

I'm a Christian Life Coach who's dedicated to helping my generation experience the insanely practical power of the Truth. 


I could tell you more about me and how I got here, doing this,  but honestly? I'd rather tell you this...


I've found that if you've landed here, reading this, it's because some part of you feels off. You want (or need) to make a change for the better in your own life. At this stage, it's probably an inkling or a passing thought. A fleeting "maybe someday I could..."  


That prompting matters. You need more than the cliche fluff that might feel real but leaves you right where you started.  

I'd love to support you so we can learn & grow together.

Start 2020 right.

Experience the Bible like never before.

Dive deeper into the Truth with Confirmations.

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