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Hey there!  I’m Kristin Sheffer.

Welcome to my home.  Poke around… stay a while. Simply Free is a resource center devoted to going beyond “personal empowerment” into actual STRATEGY! We are here to help you get crystal clear about WHO you are because we think you are really important to the world. Check us out and start living the brave life, one choice at a time.

Selfless Development is our method.

YOU are our heart.

Purpose is our vision.

Partner with me to unlock your limitless potential.

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Growth Track

One-on-One Life Coaching

Peel back the layers. Let’s expose your fullest potential.

Hiring a Life Coach doesn’t mean you are broken, it means you are BRAVE. Kristin’s coaching style invites you to visit the unknowns between who you are & who you were made to be. You don’t have to have it do life alone anymore.

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Online Programs Available

Grow at your own pace with one of our online programs!

Whether it be relationships, career, wellbeing or more – we have the program for you! 30 & 90 day options available for you to complete from the comfort of your home, or office!


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Gratitude Getaways

Change the world by serving it

Join this 4 day travel-with-purpose experience and discover breath taking beaches, explore adventurous activities & support local initiatives serving the impoverished community of Haiti. Vacationing while changing lives. YES. IT’S ALLOWED! At Simply Free, we believe human service is fundamental to personal development. Book your trip now!

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Premium members get a brand new Online Coaching Program each month. We hit on EVERY area of life. It is as close as I can get to sitting with you in your living room, walking with you through this crazy journey we call life. These are educational, motivational, and sometimes tough programs that MAKE you go from good to great.


Find out more about the signature method used here at Simply Free to help you discover your dream life. We believe life begins the moment you find your purpose and we are dedicated to helping you along the way. You are an AMAZING being with potential you don’t even realize… Check it out.


As a Premium member you have exclusive access to interactive webinars with Kristin Sheffer. Hop on from the comfort of your home and take advantage of this FREE resource to learn, grow, and ask all the questions you may have about life, love, business or anything else. Members will get a private invitation via Email.