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Meet Kristin

 Life Coach + Author + Social Business Advocate 

Kristin Sheffer is an accomplished writer, entrepreneur and social business advocate. She runs Simply Sheffer - her private Life Coaching practice. As well as Gratitude Getaway, a social business retreat hosted throughout the Caribbean. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she was an operations executive at Bromide Mining, an international commodities trade and gold mining company.

At the peak of her corporate career, she managed an active mine site with staff of 25+, 2 corporate offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and London, UK and was made minority partner by age 25. She embarked upon her journey to entrepreneurship out of her passion to see people live lives of freedom, purpose and hope. She has since become a published author, accomplished Coach, hosts her podcast channel Practical Philosophy and has recently endeavored to support social business in Haiti through promoting tourism.

Kristin's story is one that inspires fellow millennials to strive higher than just financial success, or professional accomplishment by exemplifying how to combine career success with a grounded lifestyle of humanitarianism.

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